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If Your Monthly Power Bill Is $65+, We Can Save You Money

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You will see monthly savings and you won't be sold an under or over sized system
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Your solar installation will come with 20 years of free maintenance and repairs
The process will be hassle-free with no surprises and guaranteed satisfaction
Bright Planet consulting does an awesome job from start to finish. Paul Chojnacky did magic not once but twice - yes 2 homes we had owned - he consulted and worked with us. He gets involved from the beginning to the end until we were satisfied. First - we wanted to go green and at the same time we wanted to reduce our electricity bill. In 2015 - He got us a system designed, installed, configured and not only we went green energy, our bills saved over 60% of electricity bills. I had him install a 240V connector in garage and install the Electric car charger. It was a great system and we all enjoyed green energy. Not knowing much of Solar panels we went first time on a lease basis which has 20year free maintenance. Mostly to cover $0 cost maintenance. In May of this year he helped us transfer our lease to the buyer when we sold this home. Basically he went all his way to help us and have a smooth transition. Second time in June/July 2018 - when we purchased a new home, we wanted to go green again. This time we purchased the Solar panels and also have Tesla Wall charger installed. We purchased as we had experience for the last 3 years and took his recommendations. The purchase comes with 20 year worry free warranty. Paul is great and so are his staff members who communicated with me during the initial phase, design, installation and configuration. His staff kept me updated even though I was out of country, but work at home progressed. They do all the work for you from getting inspections, design, permits, approvals from City and PG&E and follow up until we were satisfied. Our system even though producing electricity it was not showing the production on the app or website. He diligently worked with the Solar panel company got it sorted in short while. I highly recommend using Bright Planet Consulting for all your Solar needs and they do an amazing job from start to finish. His staff does excellent work and update the progress. Thanks Paul and team for wonderful work.
Tahseen A.
San Jose
Use Our Free Calculator to See How Much You Can Save!
Because of skyrocketing utility prices, there’s never been a better time to go solar. From the moment your panels go up, you start saving money. And those financial benefits continue to accumulate for the next 25 to 40 years.
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Have a Complex Solar Project?

No problem.

At Bright Planet Consulting, we specialize in outside-the-box solar installations. Below are just some of the challenging projects we’ve completed over the years:

  • Ground mount solar installations
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) gazebos
  • Solar-powered carports and parking lots
  • PV panel removals, repairs, and extensions
  • Solar-enabled horse barns and stables

Want to see a longer list of complex solar PV projects? Click on the button below.

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Supporting Our Community

Bright Planet Consulting’s team members regularly donate their time, money, and resources to bettering our community through service and activism. They also participate in volunteer sessions that help create unique opportunities to bond with and learn about our neighbors throughout the Bay Area including handing out clothes donations, serving food to the homeless, and helping with Children's Library Hour.

Working together, our goal is to green the Silicon Valley Community by replacing outdated energy systems with cleaner and cheaper sources of energy.

Our consultants are deeply committed to teamwork, personal development, and leadership – all of which are crucial skills as we work to make our community healthier and more sustainable.

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