Solar in Campbell, Ca

Why Campbell, CA Homeowners Are Warming up to Solar

Campbell, CA is blessed with over 255 sunny days a year, compared to the national average of 205. This means that – all other things being equal – a solar installation in Campbell will generate roughly 25% more electricity than if that same system was installed elsewhere.

But all other things are NOT equal.

Campbell’s electricity rates are also 31% higher than what homeowners pay in the rest of the country. In fact, we even pay more for grid power than most of our fellow Californians.

And this backdrop makes Campbell ideally suited for residential solar power generation. Homeowners who install photovoltaic (PV) panels can:

  • Produce more clean electricity per square meter than average.
  • Receive much higher monthly utility bill savings than average.
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Solar in Campbell, CA

Other Solar Power Benefits in Campbell, CA

For most homeowners, the ability to slash their utility bills is reason enough to go solar. By installing PV panels, you can generate your own clean power on-site without relying on expensive grid electricity.

But there are many other reasons why Campbell residents are increasingly embracing free sunshine to power their homes.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Grid electricity is generated from dirty fossil fuel. By contrast, solar is a clean and renewable energy source that doesn’t pollute the environment.

Property Value Increases

According to the Department of Energy, for every $1 in annual savings that your solar panels generate, your home’s value increases by an average of $20.

Generous Solar Incentives

Your federal and state governments want you to go solar. And to get you started, they’re prepared to reward you handsomely with lucrative subsidies.

And all these benefits are greatly amplified when you choose the right solar installer for the job.

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Making Solar More Affordable Than Ever

With its sunny climate and expensive electricity, Campbell was made for solar power generation. And the technology is cheaper than ever before – thanks to falling prices and generous incentives.


If the goal is to save as much money as possible, cash is the single best way to finance a new solar energy installation. This approach offers the highest ROIs and shortest payback periods. And once your system has broken even, all additional electricity is 100% free for the remaining lifetime of your system. For Campbell homeowners who have the financial means, we always recommend that they use cash to pay for their systems.

Power Purchase Agreements

Worried about taking on debt to go solar? A power purchase agreement (PPA) may be a good fit for you. It costs $0 upfront for a new system, and you only pay for the clean electricity generated. Because solar power is cheaper than grid electricity, you begin receiving savings on Day 1. And those savings continue for the remaining 20 years of your leasing agreement. Better still, you receive the same environmental benefits as if you owned your system outright.


Not everyone can finance their solar systems using cash. But with a low-interest loan, it’s possible to receive a new installation without paying anything out-of-pocket. You simply use the money borrowed to pay for your system. And then you use your monthly solar savings to pay down the balance until the installation is yours. Ranging from 5 to 20 years, our low interest loans carry no prepayment penalties, making them a very attractive option for many Campbell homeowners.

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If you’re a Campbell, CA homeowner who’s tired of skyrocketing utility bills and worsening air quality, the solution couldn’t be simpler.

Go solar today with Bright Planet. And can start reaping huge environmental and financial savings with each new sunrise.

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