Going Solar in Cupertino, Ca

Residential Solar Power in Cupertino, CA

All other things being equal, a solar installation in Cupertino, California can generate more clean electricity than if that same installation were installed elsewhere in the country. That’s because Cupertino has over 265 days of sunshine every year – compared to the national average of 205.

But all things are not equal.

In addition to our enviable year-round sunshine, Cupertino residents also pay 31% more for grid electricity. In fact, we pay slightly higher rates than the rest of California does as well.

And this makes Cupertino, CA ideally suited for harnessing clean solar power. Panels installed here consistently generate more electricity. And because of our expensive utility rates, those panels also deliver much higher savings across the board.

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Solar power in Cupertino, CA

Other Solar Power Benefits in Cupertino, California

Going solar allows you to dramatically reduce your monthly utility bills. And these savings are motivation enough for many homeowners throughout Cupertino. But there are many other reasons why you should install solar panels today.
Solar in Saratoga Ca

Environmental Savings

Utilities generate electricity from fossil fuel. By contrast, solar is a renewable power source that doesn’t emit CO2 or other greenhouse gases.

Increase property value with solar in Saratoga

Property Value Increases

For every $1 in annual utility bill savings that your solar panels generate, the property value of your home increases by as much as $20.

Solar savings in Saratoga CA

Government Solar Incentives

The state and federal governments want you to go solar. And both are willing to reward your clean power investment with generous incentives.

At Bright Planet Consulting, we make the installation process a breeze. Instead of dealing with unwanted surprises or annoying hassles, you receive nothing but sunshine and savings.

The best part is – getting started doesn’t cost you a dime.

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Solar Power Financing Options for Cupertino Residents

Solar is cheaper than ever before – largely due to falling prices and generous government incentives.
But with our financing options, going solar is more affordable than ever before.
Below are the 3 most popular ways our customers finance their systems.


Using cash is the simplest and easiest approach. And this financing option also delivers the most savings and shortest payback periods as well. If your goal is to generate the highest ROI from your solar power investment, cash is the single best way to go.

Solar Loans

Solar loans provide a pathway to system ownership – without your having to pay anything out-of-pocket. The money borrowed covers the upfront cost of your system. And you use your monthly utility bill savings to pay down the loan balance over time.

Power Purchase Agreement

With a PPA, you receive a new system for $0 upfront. And you only pay for the energy your rented panels produce. Because solar power is cheaper and cleaner than grid electricity, you’re still saving money and helping the planet at the same time.

Which Solar Financing Option Is Best for You?

If you need help choosing the best solar financing option for your budget, use our savings calculator below.
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If you’re a Cupertino, CA homeowner who’s tired of rising utility bills and worsening air quality, the solution couldn’t be simpler.

Go solar today so you can begin enjoying massive financial and environmental savings for the next 25+ years.

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