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PG&E Electric Rates, Power Shutoffs, and Your Future

As if the recent power shutoffs by PG&E Electric company weren’t enough, PG&E electric rates are set to go up again coming up in the very near future. But what does this mean for your future?

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The California Renewable Energy Movement

Clean energy is disrupting the traditional energy market along with California’s commitment to getting all of its energy from climate-friendly sources by 2045.

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Former Facebook Home Continues Spirit of Innovation with Solar Power

Bright Planet Consulting got to take in a little part of the Bay Area’s history concerning the tech giant, Mark Zuckerberg.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Solar Panels?

Solar energy obviously reduces your monthly utility bills and your carbon footprint. There are many advantages (and even disadvantages) to consider installing solar panels.

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California Wildfires, PG&E Bankruptcy, and the Promise of Solar Power

In the wake of PG&E's bankruptcy filings, we’ve started receiving questions about how this could impact electricity bills moving forward. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t encouraging.

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[Free Solar Buying Guide] 2 Sneaky Secrets Hiding In Your Low-Priced Solar Quote

The residential solar market is more competitive than ever - especially with the ability to control utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Download our free solar buying guide to help you avoid under or over priced solar quotes.

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Leasing vs Buying Solar Panels for Your Home

One of the questions we receive most often is whether it’s better to buy solar panels or lease them instead. However, there is no clear-cut answer.

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